ZOT 12HPi - 1200w Discharge SpotlightZoom

ZOT 12HPi - 1200w Discharge Spotlight

Item# ZOT12HPi
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Lycian ZOT 12HPi - 1200w Discharge Spotlight

The new ZOT line consists of four fixtures designated Zot 12, a 1,200W Tungsten, Zot 5, a 575W MSR, Zot 7, a 700W MSR and Zot 12HP, a 1,200W MSR. All are built on a common platform with identical features differing only by the light source and associated cooling and electronics.

All Zots include the Lycian spot size control coupled to a nichrome iris, an internal self-cancelling color boomerang, bayonet-style lamp/socket for rapid no-tool lamping, forward angled yoke for extreme downward tilt angles, an advanced rear-controlled three-disc fader, and fine focus control.

The company says that Zots' compact size make them ideal for truss mounting, small enough for theatre coves and box boom positions while still having enough output to be capable of front-of-house performance.
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