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MegaSystems XS LED Strobe RGB

The XS LED Strobe RGB is an immensely bright, versatile fixture from Mega-Lite. It is equipped with a total of 324 RGB SMD LEDs. The LEDs have a wide 140º LED angle and the unit can operate as a wash or strobe.

The XS LED Strobe RGB has 3 segments of control. Line up multiple units together in matrix to create chases and other eye-catching effects. The XS LED Strobe RGB is controlled via DMX 512. The unit has dimmer, red, green, blue, strobe, macro and 3 segment macro channels and 4 modes of operation. It is built with 5 pin XLR in and out connectors and PowerCon in and out connectors. The XS LED Strobe RGB has a single mounting yoke. And, it’s compact measuring 13.66” x 4” x 7.12” and weighing 6.5 lbs.

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