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XRC-200 DMX Dynamic Recorder

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Swisson XRC-200 DMX Dynamic Recorder

The XRC-200 is an easy to use DMX recording and replay unit. The operating concept is similar to a CD player and can be used by non-professionals.

The sequences are recorded from a lighting console, or other DMX output device, onto the device. The XRC-200 replays the recorded sequences in real time.

With the ability to record 2 DMX universes (1024 DMX channels), the XRC-200 is also suitable for LED and moving light applications/installations. A variety of applications in architecture and entertainment, tradeshow, retail and museum lighting are covered with the XRC-200 easily and economically.

The optional XRC-CT15B contact box with 15 inputs for dry contacts allows a customized integration of triggers for control of the XRC-200 in. In addition, the XRC-200 has an internal timer for show and device control. The device can also be set up to be remotely operated or triggered by DMX. During live shows, the XRC-200 can be used as a DMX backup device.

The sequences and settings of the XRC-200 can be stored and managed with the XRC-200 PC software, which is connected via the USB port.

•Record and play back 64 sequences

•10 configurable play lists

•Configurable fade times

•Optional 15 control inputs

•2 DMX inputs

•2 DMX outputs

•Built-in timer

•Backup device

•USB connection for firmware update, and PC software

•PC software for uploading, downloading and storage of shows
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