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WildSun-K25 Moving Head LED Luminaire

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Ayrton WildSun-K25 Moving Head LED Luminaire

The WILDSUN™K25 is a new-generation moving head luminaire unequalled on the market. In collaboration with cinematographers and operators specialized in the video production of major sporting events, AYRTON™ dedicated over two years developing and perfecting this marvel of technology, innovation, and light.

The WILDSUN™K25 is the only LED luminaire capable of measuring up to the classic Fresnel HMI 4,000 and 6,000 lights in terms of pure output.

Fitted with 217 LED emitters, this luminaire offers a luminous flux of over 100,000 lumen, requiring no eventual lamp replacement.

AYRTON™ developed special silicone-based high-output optics for this projector, ensuring perfect stability over time.

The WILDSUN™K25 features powerful tri-phase stepper motors that allow fast, accurate and silent positioning. Its optical zoom has a 5:1 ratio with a zoom range of 10° to 50°. The precision electronic dimming function can be fine-tuned with significant flexibility. The light output is equipped with a honeycomb filter to prevent glare. The user can control each concentric circle individually to adjust the luminaire’s power accordingly. The WILDSUN™K25 offers a high level of illumination at an even range. It is the perfect lighting solution for large venues, such as permanent or temporary arenas and stadiums dedicated to sports or other major events.
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