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Volkslicht Spot LED Moving Light

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GLP Volkslicht Spot LED Moving Light

The GLP Volkslicht Spot features a 300W RGB LED engine which offers high output through an efficient optical system with clear gobo projection, even field distribution and smooth dimming without any color shift, all in a spot fixture format.

With near silent operation, the Volkslicht Spot is designed for venues and events keen to embrace the low maintenance and easy operational aspects of leading edge LED technology.

The feature set of the GLP Volkslicht Spot includes a motorized iris, rotating gobo wheel with 7 positions plus open, a static gobo wheel with 9 positions plus open, a rotating prism, and motorized focus all within a small body so that it can be placed discretely. The output features a beam angle of 15 degrees. With a light weight of just 33 lbs. it has been designed for permanent installations or for applications with shorter throw distances than the award winning GLP impression Spot One.

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