VLZ LED WashZoom


Item# 26-105-0003-00
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Vari-Lite VLZ Wash

A luminaire that produces a staggering 25,000 lumens projected from a large 155mm (6) lens.

The Philips Vari-Lite VLZ Wash is a dedicated wash luminaire utilizing the latest high output LED light engine and a familiar CMY-CTO color system to produce stunning colors. The dual fixed color wheel with linear control gives access to Vari-Lite colors and split color combinations. Color shake and color wheel spin control have also been added to the mix.

In addition to the wide zoom range, Beam-Shaping control can be achieved via 3 different systems used independently of each other; a lenticular lens can change the beam from round to oblong; 4 different beam softness grades are achievable using the beam softening control; a set of internal barndoors shape the beam even further.
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