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VLX3 Wash Luminaire - Black

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VariLite VLX3 LED Wash Luminaire

Proudly built in the USA, the VARI*LITE VLX3 Wash Luminaire is the next step in solid-state lighting. A step that gives designers one of the most versatile LED lighting tools to meet any demanding production or lighting need from small to large venues, concert touring, or television studio.

Based on the award-winning VLX Wash luminaire technology, the VLX3 Wash gives you all the benefits of LED technology with the best visual performance characteristics of traditional automated luminaires. Using three powerful LED engines, the VLX3 Wash offers stunning colors and intensity, multi-year source life and high reliability. Combined with low energy consumption and maintenance costs, the VLX3 Wash continues to elevate the bar for all other LED fixtures.

Three, replaceable custom 120 watt RGBW LED chipsets provide output that offers three times the efficacy of comparable tungsten sources. The total system provides approximately greater than 6,000 lumens of white light output, and the 10,000 hour source life of the chip ensures that lamp replacement costs are a thing of the past. The luminaire offers 70% lumen intensity maintenance over that time guarantees that the VLX3 Wash will remain powerful and bright well into the future.

With an optical system from the leader in automated lighting, color mixing is smooth, natural, and free of "color shadowing" effects associated with other LED fixtures. Additionally, the VLX3 wash offers a dynamic CRI adjustment, a continuously adjustable color temperature white range between approximately 3000 and 9000 Kelvin, and seamless color mixing that all combine to create a single source that behaves like familiar arc or tungsten luminaires without the associated costs and inefficiencies inherent in those systems.

Beam size control is achieved by the use of an optical zoom system that offers a zoom range from approximately 15 to 55 degrees. Accessory mounting points are included allowing the attachment of additional, aftermarket beam control devices such as an extendible top hat.

All movements are smooth, silent, and accurate under the control of the time-proven Vari-Lite three-phase motor system with a full 540 degrees of pan and 240 degrees of tilt control. The luminaire offers five-pin DMX in and thru connectors and a backlit menu panel for easy installation and operation. Control is achieved through a variety of DMX consoles and output devices. Large, rugged handles insure easy installation, and subdued style and understated lines allow for seamless integration into any lighting rig or stage setting. Pan and tilt transport/service locks and low fixture weight make moving the VLX3 wash as simple and efficient as it is to operate.

The VLX3 Wash can be controlled from virtually any DMX512 console or DMX output device. An optional wireless DMX module attaches to the fixture and provides compatibility with Wireless solutions, Lumen Radio, or City Theatrical systems.
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