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VIP 5162 Signal Processor

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Chauvet Lighting VIP 5162 Signal Processor

Includes: DVI Cable, IEC Power Cable, BNC to RCA Cable, Control Software

VIP™ 5162 Signal Processor is a rack-mountable switcher for multiple input sources. It includes functions that manipulate video images, such as scaling, positioning, brightness, contrast, color correction, and picture-in-picture. Transition swipes, fades and cuts are easily accessed for a seamless flow among input sources. Control is achieved through included software or touch buttons. VIP 5162 includes an industry standard STI input. For live applications, there is a separate DVI output for a preview monitor.


• Required for video wall input signals, other than DVI or HDMI

• The signal processor is required for alternate video input signal, other than DVI or HDMI

• This signal processor is capable of independent horizontal and vertical scaling of the video source

• Control the brightness and X/Y positioning of the video

• 14 video input sources: CV(3), CV/SDI(1), USB(2), DVI(4), VGA(4)

• 3 video outputs: DVI(2), VGA(1)

• Up to 6 user-configurable inputs are selectable to be used with a dedicated preview monitor (simultaneously)

• A dedicated playback monitor with seamless switching and video transitions (wipe, cut, instant, blackout) make this perfect for live video switching

• Calendar time schedule available through internal time clock

• Play video content directly from the USB input using a flash drive, without a media server

• Picture-in-picture, brightness, contrast, color calibration, and cropping are available

• Control the unit via the PC software (USB, RS232, LAN) or front-surface controls

• 2 user presets are available

• Output up to 1920x1080 resolution (NTSC/PAL)
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