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VioStorm 60W 365nm LED Blacklight

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Wildfire VioStorm 60W 365nm LED Blacklight

* Specify Flood, Wide Spot, or Spot configuration.

* Specify Choice of Connector

* Additional Optic Sets available, see Accessories.

Introducing VioStorm™: Finally, A UV-LED Black Light With The Power, Control, And Versatility Of A Long Throw

After years of research and development, it’s finally here.

It’s been a long time coming because we wanted to do it right.

UV-LEDs have been on the market for a few years now, but with the release of VioStorm™, the world finally has a UV-LED black light for true professional use—with more power, control, and versatility than any other UV-LED fixture on the market. On par with a high performance long throw.

Here’s what makes VioStorm the best UV-LED black light fixture on the market…

If you’re looking for a true “Wildfire Effect”, you need a fixture with a peak wavelength around 365nm. Most other products feature 400nm, 390nm, or 385nm LEDs—far short of the 365nm needed for ultra-bright, eye-popping effects.

But VioStorm features premium quality 365nm UV-LEDs for producing the purest and brightest effect possible—without the purple wash of those other fixtures.

An array of powerful 10W UV-LEDs deliver 60W of total power (with a 120W version coming soon)…

If you’re familiar with the efficiency of LEDs, you know 60W is a heck of a lot of output. And with a 120W version coming soon, VioStorm is set to outshine all competing products on the market.

Take a look at the LED array in the photo. Each LED delivers a whopping 10W of pure UV power.

And included with every fixture…

•One Optic Set of your choice (Spot, Wide Spot, or Flood).

•7.5” diffusion frame for increased beam shaping options.

•Fully adjustable three-position mounting yoke with integrated floor stand for maximum mounting versatility.

•A high quality truss clamp and safety cable.

•Unprecedented three-year parts and labor warranty.
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