Topaze 1200 Watt FollowspotZoom

Topaze 1200 Watt Followspot

Item# FPR1119002WS
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TOPAZE 1200 Watt Discharge 7 - 14.5 Degree Zoom Followspot

Supplied with: High Performance Double Condenser Optical System, "A" Size Universal Gobo Holder, 100% Closing Iris, 100% Closing Mechanical Dimmer, Internal Filter Holder, Boomerang Color Changer, Frost on Flip Lever, G22 Socket, Power Supply, Power Cable and Tripod Stand.

Robert Juliat has introduced TOPAZE, the newest member of the Follow Spot family. TOPAZE cold strike has a 7-14.5 degree zoom range and uses the MSR 1200 - MSR 1200/2 or the MSD 1200 G22 lamp from Philips, or the HSR 1200 - HSR 1200/2 G22 lamp from Osram. Features include: High performance double condenser optical system. 100% closing iris with backplate follower in a removable cassette. 100% closing mechanical dimmer. A size movable gobo holder (100mm). 6 way "Boomerang" colour changer system fitted with removable filter frames. Soft glass on a flip lever. 3 meter follow spot cable. G22 auto blocking socket.

Lamp: 1200 Watt MSD or MSR 1200 G22 Lamp
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