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T-style 48" Lighting Crossbar

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LTB-48B T-style 48" Lighting Crossbar For Use on Ultimate Support TS Tripod Speaker Stands or LTV-24B Vertical Extension

If you're looking for an affordable, secure way to add a lighting tree to your gig, start right here with the LTP-48B. It's a 48" T-style lighting crossbar that easily and securely fits on the top of any current Ultimate Support TS tripod speaker stand (extra-tall Ultimate Support TS tripod speaker stands are recommended), and/or an LTV-24B Vertical Extension. Simply place it on top of any one of these and you have a professional lighting tree - just add your lights and you're ready!

The LTB-48B features four pre-drilled holes for convenient mounting of your lighting equipment - we've even included mounting hardware to get you started. It's constructed with thick-walled aluminum so while it's amazingly light, it's rated for use with C-clamps (not included). The LTB-48B also includes two UNF-150 mounting brackets for mounting lighting equipment, such as dimmer packs, to the lighting tree.

LTB-48B Features: •Black scratch resistant anodized finish

•Strong, yet lightweight aluminum tubing

•Includes four pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware for each

•Includes two UNF-150 mounting brackets

•Length: 4'

•Weight: 4 lbs. (1.8 kg)
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