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Super Foam Dome

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CITC’s Super Foam Dome delivers an incredibly dry foam when used with the Foam Dome Indoor Fluid. So dry, that the unit is the number one pick for nightclubs and events nationwide. You won’t have to have your guests stripping down in order to have fun in this incredibly people-friendly foam. Completely manufactured in the USA by award-winning CITC product designer, Gary Crawford, the Super Foam Dome is built to last for many, many years. Another great feature about the product is the speed in which the foam produced. Super Foam Dome delivers more than 2X the foam in ½ the amount of time compared to other models which have tried unsuccessfully to match the great professional features of this machine, while also using less foam fluid per cubic foot of foam produced than almost any other foam machine on the market today.

120v, 1hp foamer w/ 6' electric cord & GFCI high pressure pump, extra large modulator, 25' connecting tubing, safety cable, safety goggles. Need barrel for fluid.
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