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Super Arc 400 Long Throw Spotlight - Model 1267

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Lycian Super Arc 400 Long Throw Spotlight - Model 1267

The luminaire shall be a 400 watt follow spotlight designed to accept only an HTI-400/24 metal halide lamp. The field diameter of the beam shall be continuously variable from the narrowest head spot to the widest flood by means of a nichrome steel iris which shall be operable by an external insulated, offset lever known as the spot size controller. Units that iris down without increase of light output shall not be acceptable. The spot size controller shall be capable of being mechanically coupled or decoupled from the zoom focus mechanism by means of an externally located insulated knob with pointer and escutcheon plate. In the coupled position the unit shall operate such that as the field diameter is decreased the intensity is increased. The luminaire shall incorporate an externally operable, continuously variable, calibrated peak/flat field adjustment. The optical train shall contain one specially coated optic and two crystal clear white water plate glass lenses; plastic lenses shall not be acceptable. Relamping shall be accomplished by releasing the 1/4 turn fastener opening the rear lamphouse access door. Relamping shall be accomplished in less than thirty seconds without the use of tools and without disturbing the prefocused lamp alignment.

The lamp shall be alignable in both the vertical and horizontal planes via two clearly labeled adjustment screws. The luminaire shall be provided with elapsed time meter, on/off switch, and circuit breaker; fuses shall not be acceptable. These components, as well as two of the three fans, igniter, power supply, and a line cord with free end terminated in a NEMA-5-15P (15 ampere parallel blade U-round male) connector shall be contained within a power assembly tray.

The power supply assembly tray shall be constructed of 20 gauge cold rolled steel with cast aluminum end plates, shall underhang the lamphouse, and shall be field changeable in less than three minutes. The luminaire shall incorporate an automatic, selfcancelling, seven color boomerang which shall be quickly and fully removable, and shall feature self-captive match plates for each of the seven frames. A smoothly operating douser with dual controls allowing operation from both the side and rear of the luminaire shall be provided. An igniter and regulated type power supply shall be of domestic manufacture and approved by the lamp manufacturer.

The power supply shall be externally controllable via switch and its operation shall be observable on a calibrated "wattwatch" meter. This will allow matching light output when two or more SuperArc 400s are used at one time. Non-regulated or "sealed" power supplies shall not be acceptable. The yoke shall be part of the head and allow for a maximum tilt of seventy degrees below the horizontal; fifty degrees above the horizontal. The base shall be of the three-legged, folding type and include swivel casters and leveling jacks.

Current draw at 120 volts A/C shall not exceed 10 amperes. Housing shall be of extruded aluminum and cold rolled sheet steel. Housing dimensions shall not exceed 50"(L) x 15"(W) x 17"(H). Net weight of the housing shall not exceed 101 lbs.; 41 lbs.; for the base. Photometric data shall conform to the table provided. The luminaire shall be a Lycian Stage Lighting SuperArc 400 Model 1267.
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