Stiletto Glo 19 Zoom

Stiletto Glo 19

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Blizzard Lighting Stiletto Glo 19

Stiletto™ Glo19 is a powerful beam/wash luminaire that is built to impress with its sharp beams and glowing personality! 

They feature 19x 15-watt OSRAM™ RGBW LEDs, a 11-58° zoomable beam angle, and also an additional controllable RGB LED array for backlight “Glo” eye-candy effects which can create a multi-layered dynamic effect that will ‘wow” any crowd.

Users have multiple DMX control modes at their disposal including full 93-channel mode which gives users access all of its fantastic features including smooth dimming, pan, tilt, fine pan/tilt,  individual LED RGBW intensity, “Glo” background control, patterns, zoom, plus multiple strobe effects. Structurally unique from its other 5 channel modes, Stiletto™ Glo19 fixtures also offer a 14-channel “Classic Mode”, which is specifically designed to be compatible with other comparable fixtures found on the market today.

Stiletto™ Glo19 fixtures have impressive speed and accuracy due to their 3-phase stepper motors, and they have a 5-button full-color graphical LCD control panel for easy programming. Plus, they also feature internal 2-setting fan cooling (auto/high), so when your shows get hot, your fixtures won’t! 

They also come equipped with an industry standard PowerCON® compatible power Input, 3-pin and 5-pin DMX In/Out jacks, and dual quarter-turn “Omega” quick connect type clamp brackets for secure mounting.

Make your light shows epic with Stiletto™ Glo19 fixtures! 

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