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Stadium Hazer

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LeMaitre Stadium Hazer

Water-based, continuous output, high volume hazer. Angle arm delivery. Ideal for large venues.

The Le Maitre Stadium Hazer delivers vast volumes of non-toxic haze.

The Stadium Hazer allows huge amounts of haze to be delivered without the problems of oily deposits, and is cost effective.

The health benefits of the Stadium Hazer cannot be underestimated.

The patented delivery system is designed for easy maintenance and is programmed to self clean on start up and shut down. The delivery arm can be angled through 120 degrees and has a variable speed high output fan to project the haze to where it is required.

The DMX receiver is a fully compliant, flash memory, 512 channel unit, with rotary selection switches. An LED status indicator differentiates between correctly and incorrectly received data.

Le Maitre hazers feature the patented S.T.A.R. technology to produce pure and consistent atmospheric haze. With precise control over thermal conditions and fluid dispensing, Le Maitre hazers combined with the specially formulated Haze Fluid, they produce a dry, low residue output, with a long hang time Le Maitre hazers produce some of the best haze for lighting enhancement. They are used extensively in venues from studios to theatres to stadiums, adding significantly to the impact and drama of lighting and laser rigs. 

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