Starklite 1200w Spotlight - Model 1271Zoom

Starklite 1200w Spotlight - Model 1271

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Lycian Starklite 1200w Spotlight - Model 1271

(Includes Choice of Short, Medium or Long Throw Lens Assembly)

The luminaire shall be a 1200 watt follow spotlight designed to accept only a 1200 watt HMI type metal halide lamp. Field angle shall be variable with interchangeable lenses. The gate assembly shall have a heavy-duty nichrome steel iris and fading shutter. Lamp mounting shall be of shock mount type. A safety switch shall be fitted to the lamp house top, preventing lamp operation with lamp house open. Power to the spotlight shall be via two push buttons mounted in the spotlight head. Removal of the lamp house top or loss of power shall render the spotlight in the "off" mode. Replacement of the top or restoring of the power shall not unexpectedly relight the lamp. Restriking the lamp shall require a momentary push of the "on" button. An aluminum triple flatted reflector shall be supplied. The unit shall include an elapsed time meter. An operations unit containing the spotlight electronics shall be quickly accessible from the bottom of the spotlight head. A quick release electrical connector shall be mounted on the bottom of the spotlight for connection to the remote ballast unit. The luminaire can be supplied with a variety of mounting options which are not included in this specification. Current draw at 120 VAC shall not exceed 20 amperes. Photometric data shall conform to the table provided. The luminaire shall be a Lycian Stage Lighting StarkLite Model 1271.
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