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Solaris LED Mozart

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Solaris LED Mozart

The Perfect Pixel!

When you can put a pixel anywhere, the world is your canvas!

The new creative pixel-mapping fixture from Solaris LED

3 to 48 DMX channels per fixture, based on settings.

1, 4, or 16 “pixel” groups per fixture, based on settings.

Extremely compact 4.7 x 4.7 x 1.8 inches. Only 1¼ lb!

•Great for low weight load-bearing structures and surfaces.

•Approx. 11,000 NITS! Brighter than nearly all outdoor LED walls!

•Rain and dust resistant IP65 enclosure – use in all environments!

•Ultra-high refresh rate – 38,400Hz! Great for highspeed photography and videography.

•Single cable, simple power-data connections, daisy-chain or split – easily place a Mozart almost anywhere.

•Easy remote addressing and mode switching via RDM

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