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Source Four LED Series 3 Luminaire

Item# 7462A10XX-XX
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Over a decade of research comes together for the market that has inspired ETC for over 45 years. The Source Four LED Series 3 brings the Lustr X8 and Daylight HDR arrays, allowing you to create an impressive range of nuanced colors and incredible brightness, suitable for even the longest throws. Series 3 also features built-in Multiverse® from City Theatrical as well as NFC for use with ETC’s Set Light app.

Features: • Source Four LED Series 3 Lustr X8 fixtures are an ideal choice for theatre, live events, and sound stages • Source Four LED Series 3 Daylight HDR fixtures are designed for high-output tuneable white applications

Color Information: Fixtures are available as standard in black, white or silver. Please contact your customer service representative regarding custom colors.

Ships With: Source Four LED Series 3 Light Engine (with or without XDLT shutter barrel as specified), C-clamp, A-size pattern holder, Multiverse omnidirectional antenna, yoke-mount antenna holder, and UL1573 powerCON TRUE1 TOP cable with connector of choice.

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