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Source Four LED Cyc Adaptor

Item# 7460A2011
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ETC Source Four LED Cyc Adaptor

The Source Four LED™ just got even more versatile. By removing the luminaire's lens barrel and attaching a Source Four LED CYC adapter, any Source Four LED can become a superior tool for lighting cycloramas. Other cyc lights only serve one function, so when a design doesn't use a backdrop, the fixtures sit on a shelf and collect dust. In contrast, the Source Four LED CYC adapter can simply be removed when not required, and the Source Four LED luminaire can then be put to use in any other position, on or off stage.

Now you can have the power and versatility of ETC’s x7 color system on your cyc! The Source Four LED CYC adapter allows you to turn any Source Four LED light engine into a smooth, beautiful cyc wash light.

• Easily attaches to any Source Four LED or Series 2 light engine (not for use on HPL fixtures)

• Smooth wash with up to a 2:1 spacing ratio

• Same solid quality design of the Source Four

• Top-hang, bottom-hang or both

• Fits in a traditional cyc footprint
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