SNOBIZ® Regular Artificial Snow - LargeZoom

SNOBIZ® Regular Artificial Snow - Large

Item# 100270
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10 Cu. Ft of Snow!

Covers 12' x 10' x 1" Area

Flakes 1/4" - 1/2". Perfect for falling snow, ground cover, and set dressing.

Most cinematographers agree it looks better than the real thing! And, it's less expensive than plastic snow per cubic foot! Soft puffed texture, whitest available, forest friendly, no preservatives, melts away with water. All glycerides removed. No preservatives. Dissolves in water. Can be washed away. Safe in streams and lakes. Toxicological test done for safety.

Biodegradable Snowflakes (water dissolving) The ONLY artificial snowflakes that have been tested and proven to be 100% environmentally safe!

Larger size boxes available for freight and air shipments. These large bags are vacuum packed to reduce freight and storage.

Once out of the box and expanded, you can cover more ground with more snow.

Each box has a vacuum packed bag for ease of fluffing the snow an hour before use (makes it go further).

Smaller boxes contain as much snow, but save lots of $ in ground shipments across the USA

SnoBiz® has been used on television and motion picture sets for years as the number one choice award winning artificial and biodegradable snow.
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