SmartPack Portable Pack - 12 x 10Amp Dimmers - 120vZoom

SmartPack Portable Pack - 12 x 10Amp Dimmers - 120v

Item# 7020A1101-X
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ETC SmartPack Portable Pack - 12 x 10Amp Dimmers - 120v

Choice of Power Output: Edison, Stage-Pin or GTL Output

Dimming for everyone! Available with either six 2400-watt dimmers or twelve 1200-watt dimmers, SmartPack Portable Pack is the simple-to-use dimming solution for small entertainment events, school and church productions, or road show applications. SmartPack does DMX, RDM, and SmartLink™ architectural control using the optional rack-mounted SmartLink Station Power Module and LinkPower Supply. Plug in the SmartFade™ lighting console for easy programming, let SmartPack run on its own, or access the 32 built-in Presets and internal sequencer remotely via SmartLink button stations.

With a wide range of output options and multilanguage capability as standard options, the economical SmartPack Portable Pack is ready to travel the world.

Product Features:

19” 2-space (2U) rack-mount enclosure

Wide range of output panel options

Built-in presets (32) and sequencer for stand-alone operation

Fully-rated all-magnetic circuit breakers

DMX512A and RDM compatible

SmartLink™ enabled
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