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ShotMax Continuous Confetti Cannon

Item# 100260
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CITC ShotMax Continuous Confetti Cannon

2" x 24" cannon can shoot continuous confetti up to 15' - 20' , streamers up to 35'. Bulk confetti, streamers &/or SnoBiz

The ShotMax™ can shoot product out simultaneously and continuously as fast as you can feed it (confetti stacks shoot thickest and farthest) to approximately 25' (7.62m). Simple and uncomplicated. The confetti is never touched by blades or motor, and is built with safety standards in mind. Compared to the competition, the noise is reduced 75%. No CO2 needed. This revolutionary machine can shoot confetti, fog, and wind. Artificial snow will travel farthest when shooting straight up. A Hurricane II fan is suggested for shooting streamers and artificial snow for better distance. Quieter than the competition. Successfully used for parades (from rooftops), parties, and special events.
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