Pro-Panel 1x2 V2 Variable Color LED SoftlightZoom

Pro-Panel 1x2 V2 Variable Color LED Softlight

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Pro-Panel 1x2 V2 Variable Color LED Softlight

Pro-Panel 1x2 V2 Kit with gel grame and 90 degree honeycomb louver

The Pro-Panel™ V2 1x2 and 2x2 is a variable color temperature soft light for the cinematography, video broadcast, and professional photography market. The diffused softness of the Pro-Panel eliminates the harsh glare and multiple shadow effects associated with typical budget LED panel lights. The Pro-Panel V2 soft light offers all of the typical benefits of LED lighting such as cool operation, energy savings, and long life plus the exceptional features of flicker free operation and a wide variable color temperature range.


◾Very wide 2700K Tungsten to 6500K Daylight Variable Range

◾Continuous DMX 512 Dimming Control 100%-0%; 5-Pin XLR In and Out

◾Flicker-Free DC Driving System Suitable for High Speed Frame Rates*

◾Up to 95CRI**

◾Adjustable Yoke Capable of Hanging in Studio or Portable Stand Mount.(Accepts 1/2" Mounting Hardware)

◾Center Mount Option

◾On-Board Color and Dimming Control Knobs Plus Two Custom Preset Buttons (Tungsten and Daylight)

◾3-Year Warranty

◾Max. Power Consumption: 100W < 1A

◾90-240V AC Input Range

◾110° Beam Angle

◾Certifications: UL, CE and FC

◾24V DC Battery Input 3-Pin XLR
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