Philips MSD Platinum 17RA Lamp - #259176Zoom

Philips MSD Platinum 17RA Lamp - #259176

Item# 259176
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Philips MSD Platinum 17RA Lamp - #259176

Average Life: 1500HR, Color Rendering Index (CRI): 85, Color Temperature: 7000 K, Diameter: 2.02in, Lumens: 20000 LM, Type: HID Reflector, Voltage Rating: 350 V, Wattage: 350W

The MSD Platinum lamps open up new levels of creative freedom in entertainment lighting, with powerful, compact and brilliantly intense light. Their compact, lightweight design provides the freedom to create smaller, lighter luminaires for use at any location on stage. And their short arc, high color temperature and innovative reflector produce a sparkling, high beam intensity for outstanding color reproduction. They also offer long and reliable lifetime, high efficacy and fast replacement times. It all adds up to an intensely exciting creative experience.
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