PDS-60ca 24V Power/Data SupplyZoom

PDS-60ca 24V Power/Data Supply

Item# 109-000016-XX
Availability: Usually ships the next business day.
PDS-60 24V is a streamlined, cost-effective power/data supply that blends power and intelligence for use in dry, wet and damp environments.

Designed to convert Ethernet, DMX, and pre-programmed information into data that can be understood by each individual light Used with Light System Manager, it allows the lights in a network to be automatically discovered, addressed or added to the sequence

Item Numbers: 109-000016-00 (Pre-programmed) 109-000016-01 (DMX) 109-000016-02 (Ethernet)

For Use With: iColor Cove EC iColor Cove QL eW Flex SLX
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