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Ayrton NandoSpot-SC LED Spot Moving Head Luminaire

The NANDOSPOT™SC is AYRTON™’s first LED spot luminaire, offering lighting designers unlimited creative possibilities… without any compromise. The luminaire is built around an AYRTON™ LED module that required more than three years of development and fine-tuning.

Equipped with monochrome emitters, this module has a new-generation aplanetic lens (patent pending) providing the NANDOSPOT™SC with an excess of 20,000 lumen of power. The high-output optics produce an extremely uniform beam with no hot spot. The unique 180 mm frontal lens and 14 lens optical zoom system ensure a 5:1 zoom ratio, with a range of 10° to 50°.

The exceptional NANDOSPOT™SC combines a light emitter calibrated to 6,000K, a whole new CYM colour mixing system, a variable CTO for correcting colour temperature, and a six-position complementary-colour wheel that offers a palette of unlimited choices. The luminaire’s effects system has two wheels of six high-definition glass rotating gobos that are interchangeable, a continuous dynamic effects wheel, a shutter, a contour-erasing filter, and a four-facet rotating prism.

The NANDOSPOT™SC is equipped with a new highly effective phase-change liquid cooling system using a heat pipe. Air circulation within the luminaire has been optimised to improve cooling and prevent dust contamination on the inside.
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