Multiverse Gateway

Multiverse Gateway
City Theatrical Multiverse Gateway


The MultiverseŽ Gateway is a transceiver, and allows the fullest use of the Multiverse system. Like the Multiverse Transmitter, the Multiverse Gateway utilizes four radios (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for inputs, 900MHz and 2.4GHz for wireless DMX/RDM output), and accepts Streaming ACN or Art-Net input.

The user can choose which of the between eight and 10 universes they would like to broadcast wirelessly, depending on the type of Multiverse Gateway product used, and can choose another eight universes to output locally as wired DMX/RDM.

Receivers on the Multiverse Gateway system can either be individual Multiverse Nodes for single wired DMX/RDM output, or additional Multiverse Gateways. When used as receivers, the Multiverse Gateways can output any of the wireless DMX universes received on any of the eight wired DMX outputs, as well as passing along up to 10 universes on the Streaming ACN or Art-Net output.

The Multiverse Gateway is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing for communication and control from tablet based Wi-Fi lighting controllers like Luminair.
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