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Mini Mist Portable Aerosol Smoke Machine

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LeMaitre Mini Mist Portable Aerosol Smoke Machine

A robust hand-held, portable aerosol smoke machine.

Operates for 20 minutes unplugged

A robust hand held aerosol smoke machine that uses a water-based fog fluid canister to create a thick fog effect. Mini Mist is ideal for TV and film. It is also certified for use in fire evacuation and breathing apparatus training by the Ministry of Defence, fire brigades, hospitals and other emergency services.


Maximum fog output 10,800 cbm/hr

Fluid consumption 1.2cc/s (max) 

Provides approx. 6 x 1 minute bursts per 400ml canister.

Portable hand held fog machine

Can operate unplugged for up to 20 minutes

NATO codified

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