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Midget HP 575 Spotlight - Model 1209

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Lycian Midget HP 575 Spotlight - Model 1209

The luminaire shall be a 575 watt follow spotlight designed to accept only a MSR 575HR or HMI 575 W/SE type metal halide lamp. The field diameter of the beam shall be continuously variable from flood to spot by an internal heavy duty nichrome steel iris. A spread lens system shall be included to increase the width of the projected spot in the horizontal plane. A five color automatic boomerang plus a dowser shall be included. The unit shall include externally controlled, horizontal stainless steel trim shutters. Individually operated shutters shall not be acceptable.

Lamp access shall be via a rear lamp drawer. External lamp axes "x" and "y" plus field adjustment shall be provided. Lamp focus with the lamp house open shall not be acceptable or necessary. The lamp shall be fitted with a double actuated safety switch to prevent lamp operation with the lamp house open. The unit shall contain only optical grade lenses. The luminaire shall be cooled by two fans such that the unit will operate at the proper temperature.

An approved power supply and ignitor shall be internally mounted. Extended (box) ballast shall not be acceptable. A circuit breaker, illuminated rocker "off/on" switch and line cord terminated in a NEMA-5-15P connector shall be provided. Housing shall be of extruded aluminum and cold rolled sheet steel.

Housing dimensions shall not exceed 37"(L) x 14"(W) x 18"(H). Net weight for the floor stand shall not exceed 41 lbs. The floor stand assembly shall be of the telescoping three legged folding type and shall include both casters and leveling jacks. Allowable downward tilt is 70 degrees below horizontal and 40 degrees above horizontal. Current draw at 120V A/C shall not exceed 6.5 amperes. The luminaire shall be a Lycian Stage Lighting Midget HP, model 1209. The luminaire shall be UL listed and labeled for use with 575 watt HMI type metal halide lamp.
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