M-DMX 2 Universe USB for M-PCZoom

M-DMX 2 Universe USB for M-PC

Item# MPC001
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Elation M-DMX 2 Universe USB for M-PC

The M-DMX Interface features two 5-pin XLR female connectors, providing two DMX 512 universes via USB from any Windows-based PC. It communicates with M-PC, all M-Series consoles and LightJockey™. When used together with M-PC, M-DMX allows bidirectional RDM communication, letting you change settings or addresses and access sensor data remotely on RDM compatible fixtures. As a bonus, M-DMX unlocks 2 universes for the M-PC Free Edition up to 4 universes can be unlocked with no dongle required, making the M-DMX a fully-featured lighting control system.
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