MA Network Switch - G9/4 incl Neutrik Fiber Connector - Type N02-4FDW-AZoom

MA Network Switch - G9/4 incl Neutrik Fiber Connector - Type N02-4FDW-A

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MA Network Switch - G9/4 incl Neutrik Fiber Connector - Type N02-4FDW-A

Setting up a lighting network can be a complex and time consuming process. Especially when integrating different products using various lighting protocols. Even if a lighting network seems to be working, how can you guarantee that optimum performance and stability is achieved?

Control from console to DMX distribution MA Lighting presents the perfect solution: With the brand new MA Network Switch, the setup time and the level of complexity to achieve an optimised lighting network is radically reduced. MA now offers the complete lighting control solution from MA console, via MA Network Switch and its network infrastructure to MA DMX distribution. In combination with the MA consoles and additional MA networking devices the MA Network Switch provides a very easy to use solution, even for complex lighting systems. Incorporating the hardware and software features MA is famous for.

Simplicity The MA Network Switch is designed to simplify the set-up and management of today’s lighting networks. A simple and intuitive web browser based user interface allows network optimisation with a few easy steps. There is no need for specific networking knowledge. Standard lighting terminology is used allowing most common lighting protocols to be filtered via a web interface designed specifically for lighting technicians. Operational procedures can be standardised with these protocol filtering presets. Experienced network engineers can also access advanced functionality in the tiered interface if needed. This ensures better production preparation while on-site solutions are available via a simple preset assignment.

This MA Network Switch includes two Mini-GBICs installed inside the internal SFP-cages and connected to two Neutrik opticalCON fibre optic connectors at the rearside of the switch, ready for mainly (but not limited to) touring applications. The fibre optic connection is a multimode (MM) connection via a opticalCON Duo Advanced connector.
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