Maniac II Moving Head LED Fog MachineZoom

Maniac II Moving Head LED Fog Machine

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CITC Maniac II Moving Head LED Fog Machine

Even with DMX, the Maniac II, built as a stand-alone unit (meaning it does not need to be connected to DMX), needs the Maniac Multi-Function Controller to be able to produce the actions listed. Without the controller, the only difference between the original Maniac and the Maniac II is the fact that the II has more (24) and brighter LED lights as well as quick disconnects for the fluid tubing. The MMFC will also allow the original Maniac to do the listed functions.


Sound activation

Sound sensitivity

One minute demo

6 looping automatic modes

6 looping sound modes

Sound sensitivity settings

10 speed settings

Fog interval settings

Adjustable fog output
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