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Chamsys MagicHD Box

MagicHD Media Player in Truss Box

MagicHD is a powerful Media Player that is seamlessly integrated with MagicQ software and MagicVis visualiser.

MagicHD has been designed to make programming and operating of combined lighting and media shows simple and easy.

MagicHD supports:

Mixing between up to 8 layers.

Media playback up to Full HD resolution - 1920x1080.

Output via video (DVI/VGA) or via network protocol (Pixel Mapping)

Accepts all common video and image formats

Inbuilt libraries of media and masks

Specify start frame and end frame of media clips at frame resolutions

Audio output

Full masking on any layer

Sizing & Keystoning

Colour control and colour effects

Shake and scroll effects

Full text support for scrolling subtitles

Supports ArtNet, ACN Streaming DMX and DMX512

Thumbnail and live preview via CITP / MSEX

MagicHD makes creating multi media shows really simple by eliminating the need for separate complicated media server setups. MagicHD is intuitive to learn enabling users unfamiliar with media servers to quickly achieve impressive results.
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