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Lustr 63" LED Fixture

Item# 7400A1126
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With a color mix that is balanced for high brightness white and tinted colors (think Rosco 62 and 34 or Lee 202), Lustr is designed for key and fill lighting in studios or mid size theatres. Lustr also wins “Best all-around” because it can be used very well on a cyc or other color applications as well. If you are not sure which Selador unit to choose - choose Lustr.


• Luxeon® Rebel 2.5W LED emitters

• Optimized for the best whites, light tints and pastels

• Beautifully rendered light tints and skin tones

• Ultra-quiet cooling

• Beam angle 13° and field angle 26°

Ships With: Selador fixtures ship with mounting bolts and Edison power leads only.

NOTE: Mounting hardware, connectorized power leads, and secondary lenses must be ordered separately.
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