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LEDhead Location LED Luminaire Body

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Strand LEDhead Location LED Luminaire Body

Choice of Daylight or Tungsten

NOTE: Luminaire Body Only

A well-engineered, rear aluminum heat-sink provides an IP64 rating, together with convectional cooling, giving reliable and silent operation for live recording. The LEDhead can be powered by a wide range of DC power (23-37VDC) it may also be powered from a battery (not included) using the optional V-mount adaptor, making it ideal for location shooting.

The range consists of 2 models: LEDhead Tungsten and LEDhead Daylight. Each allows the white color to be tuned for precise matching. The impressive 4000 lumen output at only 65W, is the result of a smart internal cooling system that allows the unit to provide 650 lux (Daylight) or 615 lux (Tungsten) at a distance of 3m with a 40 degree beam angle. The even light-spread can be further diffused for an ultra-soft flood source, using the 2 optional diffuser attachments.
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