Ion Xe 20 Console - 2,048 OutputsZoom

Ion Xe 20 Console - 2,048 Outputs

Item# 4311A1021-US
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ETC Ion Xe 20 Console - 2,048 Outputs

Looking for more hands-on control in the same package? The Ion Xe 20 features an onboard fader bank that includes 20 pageable faders and a built-in display.

As with any Eos family desk, you can always further expand your fader count of Ion Xe or Xe 20 by connecting one or more Eos Fader Wings or Eos Motorized Fader Wings.

Need a backup or a rack-mountable primary controller? Enhance your system with an Ion Xe Remote Processor Unit to create a convenient control hub backstage or on the tech table or to provide security for your long-running show.

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