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Indiglow Black Light LED 21W Fixture

Item# Indiglow21W
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Indiglow Black Light LED 21W Spot

Choice of Spot, Medium or Flood

USHIO's Indiglow™ LED black light fixture utilizes high power 365nm LEDs to deliver the punch needed for blacklight effects, paints and fluorescent materials unseen on 400nm LED products. The rugged weather resistant housing and solid-state components means you no longer need to change broken or expired lamps. Simple universal AC input and low power draw means you can plug this fixture into any wall outlet. The light weight design makes for convenient portability and temporary event set up. Three beam angle choices allow you to deliver the UV effects where you need it along with the optional barn doors to control spill.

◾Less Power Consumption & Reduced Electrical Loads

◾Rugged Weather Resistant Aluminum Die-Cast Body

◾Three Beam Options: Spot, Medium, Flood

◾No Bulbs to Break or Change

◾21W Power

◾AC Input

◾7 lbs. / 3.2 kg.

◾Made in Japan
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