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DMX Super Duper Widget

Item# 62040005
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High End Systems DMX Super Duper Widget

Packaged in a sleek, 19 inch rackmountable package, the DMX Super Duper Widget provides 8 universes of DMX 512 output from any Hog 4 OS consoles (except Road Hog 4 where it will only allow 4 universes) and any Hog 4 PC.

When used in conjunction with Hog 4PC software, 1 DMX Super Duper Widget may be connected to provide 8 full universes of DMX 512. This configuration provides an excellent solution for backup and playback only applications. By adding Nano Hog 4, Playback Wing 4 and Master Wing 4, users can configure powerful control solutions that precisely suit their needs and budgets.

For Hog 4 PC users, attaching the DMX Super Duper Widget also unlocks 8 universes of DMX over Art-Net and E1.3.1 (sACN).
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