Hog 4-18 Lighting Console in Road CaseZoom

Hog 4-18 Lighting Console in Road Case

Item# 6102A1002-US
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Hog 4 Control Console in Roadcase with DMX Processor 8000 Package

The flagship console of the Hog family, Hog 4 is designed for the largest stadium shows, theme park installations, and concert tours. Hog 4 shines in any environment requiring a multi console setup and networking.

Hog 4 embraces the latest technology while retaining the familiar control surface of previous generations. Programmers will power through cueing sessions using multitouch monitors, high resolution encoders, jog shuttle wheel, LCD keys and motorized faders. Conveniences such as integrated storage drawers and keyboard, dual color surface work lights and reading lights Make Hog 4 the programmers choice!

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