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GForce 2 Smoke Machine

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LeMaitre GForce 2 Smoke Machine

Includes Time Remote

High powered, continuous flow, water-based machine. Max output 25000cbm/hr. Compatible with Freezefog Pro

The mid-range model in Le Maitre’s GForce range of high powered, continuous flow, water based fog machines, based on the core technologies of G300. It has inbuilt DMX and settings can be stored for instant recall on power-up. The GForce 2 can connect to Le Maitre’s Freezefog or LSG to produce a spectacular low fog effect. Ideal for use on stage and film, sporting events, theme parks and in fire safety training.


Maximum fog output 25000 cbm/hr

Fluid consumption 1.5cc/s (cont); 4cc/s (burst) (45min/4L bottle)

Removable bottle carrier

Onboard DMX 512 support - 2 channels

Onboard, user programmable, time on / time off

Onboard, user programmable, pre-chill time for Freezefog Pro / LSG triggering

Integral power port for Freezefog Pro / LSG

Timer remote control

Optional AUX port for external fan control - with onboard, user programmable control

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