Get-A-Grip C-Clamp - SilverZoom

Get-A-Grip C-Clamp - Silver

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Apollo Get-A-Grip C-Clamp - Silver

Aluminum c-clamps are a strong and durable method to hang all your lighting fixtures. The unique design of this extruded aluminum c-clamp provides incredible muscle and the interior “teeth”, which grip the pipe, providing a strong and reliable hold. The clamp has roll form threads which provide additional strength and allow smooth backing in and out of the yoke.

Dimensions: 5.78" x 3.79" x 1"

Weight: 14.3 oz

Safe Vertical Work Load (SVWL) Rating: 600 lbs

Schedule 40 Pipe Size: 3/4" – 1 1/2"

Tubing: 1" – 2" OD / 25.4mm – 50.8mm
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