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LeMaitre FreezeJet

Item# 4080
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LeMaitre FREEZEJET with 25ft hose

Le Maitre's FreezeJet is a CO2 jet capable of generating a blast of freezing fog in columns of 30 to 40ft that disappear instantly when switched off.

The CO2 jet can be set to fire at different angles by adjustment of the nozzle.

A 25ft hose is fitted as standard and the unique design allows the unit to be used with hi-pressure LCO2, CO2 dewars or LN2 dewar tanks (with optional LN2 fitting).

Aluminium stainless steel construction makes the FreezeJet lightweight and easily portable, yet robust. The anodized black powder coating ensures good stage camouflage.

The FreezeJet can be used to great effect in clubs, theaters, tours and theme parks.

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