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ETC 6 Circuit SmartModule 2 - 3 Phase

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ETC 6 Circuit SmartModule 2 - 3 Phase

Choice of 3 Phase Cable In or GTL In

Choice of Output Connectors: Dual Edison Out, Dual Stage-Pin Out, Dual GTL Out, Dual Veam Out

Available with either 4 or 6 dimmers, SmartModule 2 brings compact and affordable dimming solutions to any venue that requires maximum flexibility. Whether mounting SmartModule 2 on a wall, hanging on a pipe or setting up on the floor, museums, schools, rentals, small touring shows and convention centers can have professional-quality dimming with a small price tag.

No complicated setup. No console required. Just plug in and go. SmartModule 2 performs reliably and is designed to last.

SmartModule 2 offers local control capabilities and a choice of dimmer curves, as well as 20 pre-programmed chases for unattended operation. And its convection cooled: SmartModule 2 operates without fans or filters.

More power! SmartModule 2 can handle twice the number of fixtures on a four-circuit Module with its high-power option.

Pair with a SmartBar 2 for next-generation dimming that is reliable, portable and affordable.


Option for bi-phase (three-wire plus ground feed)

4 or 6 dimmer models

Single-phase 20A 2-wire plus ground feed

Three-phase, 20A four-wire plus ground feed

Choice of output connectors: Stage Pin, Edison, Twist-Lok

Load protection per dimmer 1200W circuit breakers (10A)

Stand-alone operation for local control and chase sequences

Programmable functions such as non-dim operation and dimmer curves

Convection cooled for silent operation
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