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Drama FS-LED 800 Followspot

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MegaSystems Drama FS-LED 800 Followspot


The Drama FS-LED 800 is a powerful Follow Spot fixture with a single source 350-W LED producing outputs comparable to an 800-Watt lamp or brighter. It can be controlled via DMX or with a fader control center that is located directly on the back of the fixture. The unit has a color wheel that produces a red, green, yellow, blue, orange and white spotlight. The Drama FS-LED 800 also features a CTO wheel with 3200K, 4500K and 5600K used both for adjusting color temperature and the color hue of each primary and secondary color. The diameter of the spot can be easily adjusted with the unitís built-in iris, great for long throw highlighting of small objects on stage. The Drama FS-LED 800 also has manual focus, and a manual zoom from 7˚-13˚ The smooth dimmer is controlled with a fader, as well as the random and variable strobing of the LED for fantastic effects. The unit is compact, allowing for easy transport and use in cramped spaces, it also comes with a stand and PowerCon type connection with cord for powering the unit.
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