Desire Fresnel Lustr X8 LED LuminaireZoom

Desire Fresnel Lustr X8 LED Luminaire

Item# 7419A1001-XX
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Desire Fresnel is a re-imagined classic, combining all of the best features of an incandescent Fresnel with the latest technology of LEDs, City Theatrical Multiverse® wireless DMX/RDM, and NFC for use with ETC's Set Light app. The Lustr X8 array brings subtle nuanced colors back to your stage. Colors you’ve been missing from a corner of the spectrum that has long been unreachable by LED sources. This is possible because of the introduction of deep red LEDs.

Color Information: Fixtures are available as standard in black, white or silver.

Ships With: Desire Fresnel Lustr X8 luminaire, Multiverse omnidirectional antenna, and UL1573 powerCON TRUE1 TOP cable with connector of choice.
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