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Desire D40 LED Luminaire

Item# 7410A140X-0A
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ETC Selador Series Desire D40 LED Luminaire

D40 luminaires ship with hanging yoke, very narrow secondary lens, media holder, and a UL1573 PowerCon power input cable with a connector of your choice.

Choice of Color Array: Lustr+, Vivid, Fire, Ice, Studio HD, Studio Tungsten or Studio Daylight

Also, choice of Black, White or Silver body color.

The Desire™ Series of luminaires produces such brilliant, high-quality light. And with technology not found in other LED fixtures, you won’t believe how feature-rich and user-friendly they are.

The Desire D40 luminaire combines 40 Luxeon® Rebel emitters onto one unit, for bright, efficient lighting. The PAR-shaped washlight is a multipurpose tool that can be combined into a rig with conventional fixtures or used by itself. The user-interface on the rear of the unit puts the control in your hands – Desire luminaires can be managed by any RDM-enabled controller or on their own.

Each fixture offers Quick Setup options, so you can quickly and easily adjust the luminaire’s performance. Stage, XT (Exterior)/Architectural, High-Impact, Studio and General settings further customize the light output for specific uses.

Desire D40 color arrays You have even more options when it comes to the D40 color array. The luminaires are available in white, saturated color, or color-spectrum-specific arrays.

Vivid™ Desire D40 Vivid luminaires give you the broadest color range for spectrally-balanced saturated and tinted light. Able to match the color from your gelled tungsten sources, Vivid luminaires fit the bill when you need high-brightness light with bold impact.

Lustr®+ You get the best all-around theatrical-quality light from the D40 Lustr+ arrays. The x7 Color System is optimized in Lustr+ units to create clean white and tinted light, to bring out the beauty of set pieces, and render individual skin tones naturally.

Fire™ and Ice™ Selador Desire D40 Fire and Ice fixtures offer extreme x7 color and maximum energy savings. Fire luminaires produce warm-spectrum light for smoldering reds, oranges and yellows, and Ice fixtures output intense blues, greens and purples.

Product Features:

UL 1573-rated for indoor use

50,000-hour LED life

Power pass through and DMX in/thru connections for easy setup

User-friendly control interface with multiple modes and fixture settings

Easy-access slots for secondary lenses and standard 7.5-inch PAR accessories

Primary field angle of 17°

Round and oblong beam-diffusers available

DMX512 in and thru via 5-pin XLR connectors

No-noise, fan-free convection-cooling for acoustically sensitive installations
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