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Clay Paky Spherilight

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Clay Paky Spherilight with Lamp

Spherilight is an arc-lamp static light with a 1400W OSRAM lamp (working at 1200W). It features a very wide, high-speed zoom, 1 rotating gobo wheel with 6 gobos, 1 fixed gobo wheel with 8 gobos, a rotating prism, a fast sixteen-blade iris, a linear frost filter, CMY system, a 7-color wheel.The focus is electronic. The front lens is a large 80mm in diameter (3.35") and produces a full-bodied beam which is clearly visible even hundreds of meters/yards away.Spherilight is built to be used outdoors (IP54).You can even use the Spherilight as a moving mirror luminaire (SPHERISCAN configuration), adding a special kit that includes a moving mirror accessory + IP54 transparent dome.Spherilight is perfect for any architectural application, for leisure & retail, corporate events, show rooms.


•1400W OSRAM lamp (6000 K) working at 1200W

•80mm front lens diameter

•High speed Zoom

•CMY System +7-color wheel

•6 rotating gobos + 8 fixed gobos

•8-facet rotating prism

•16 blades fast iris

•Variable frost

•Fast stop/strobe effect

•Art-Net / RDM

•High performance electronics and firmware

•IP54 Protection rating

•Conversion option into a moving mirror luminaire (SPHERISCAN)
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