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Cloud 9 Low Fogger

Item# CLOUD9
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Chauvet Cloud 9 Low Fogger

Includes: Integrated Flight Case, Fog-Hose

Control: 3-pin DMX, 5-pin DMX

A Low-Lying Fogger Without Restrictions

For many decades, the use of dry ice/CO2 foggers to create that low-lying look of cloud tops and complete stage magic has transcended the audience experience. Low-lying fog can transport the presence onstage to magical locales, dream scenes and mysterious reveals across a very wide genre of entertainment from theatrical production, to concerts, corporate events and the film/television/broadcast world. The number of effects out there today that rival the look and feel of a well-done low-lying fog moment are few.

Just like anything else in our world a table saw, a pick-up truck, a high-intensity automated fixture when used properly, dry ice effects are safe, effective technological alchemy. Also, as outstanding as the dry ice/carbon dioxide effects are whenever used, deploying them has special challenges, from industry safety regulations to carbon dioxide supply-side issues, as the world has experienced during the summer of 2018.
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