WX10K-M WXGA 3DLP Projector - No LensZoom

WX10K-M WXGA 3DLP Projector - No Lens

Item# 118-017109-02
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Christie WX10K-M WXGA 3DLP Projector - No Lens

Part Number: 118-017109-XX

WXGA 3DLP 10,450 center lumen dual lamp digital projector

The most compact in its class, this award-winning, dual mercury lamp DLP® projector provides the high-performance and feature-rich standards you expect in all Christie products. We continue to deliver brightness, versatility, reliability and affordability in this latest addition to the Christie family of display solutions.

The Christie WX10K-M offers high efficiency and low cost of ownership by drawing a maximum power of 1320W giving you full brightness while using less power.
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