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Christie WU12K-M WUXGA 3DLP Projector

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Christie WU12K-M WUXGA 3DLP Projector

Part Number: 118-015107-XX

3DLP WUXGA 11,500 center lumen dual lamp digital projector

The most compact in its class, this award-winning, dual mercury lamp DLP​® projector provides the high-performance and feature-rich standards you expect in all Christie products. Embedded warping, blending and color matching, along with built-in portrait capabilities give you even more installation flexibility with this WUXGA model.

The Christie WU12K-M, at 11,500 center lumens (dual, mercury lamps, 350W), offers high efficiency and low cost of ownership by drawing a maximum power of 1320W. It also employs thermal feedback systems to:

•Adjust the number of lamps and power level used

•Control the fan speed to cool the system

•Shut down (automatically) when the projector does not receive a signal

Whether the application is education, entertainment, gaming, home cinema or live events – Christie’s 3DLP projectors are 2D and 3D capable. The Christie WU12K-M is available as a 3D display solution or it can be upgraded from its existing 2D display technology to include 3D capabilities. Christie is the first to offer an upgrade path for its 3​DLP projectors to equip them with the Mirage advanced 3D functionality.

All this, combined with a 3-year warranty and our industry-leading service and support, enables the M Series to provide high performance and peace of mind for all users.
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